"Torya is a wonderful thought partner, she challenges her clients to clearly articulate their goals so she can partner with them to create a targeted approach to communications and community engagement..." -Elizabeth Smith, Vision Spring

"Attention to detail, timeliness, and follow up are the hallmarks of her work." -Rod Gailes, OBC, Filmmaker/Director, Stage & Screen

"Torya literally changed my life from the moment I met her." - Tiffany Rea-Fisher, Artistic Director, Elisa Monte Dance

"I would recommend Torya Beard and thatgirl006 to ANYONE." -Chondra Profit, Singer/Theater Professional


"Torya is an asset to every room she enters. She really honors the artists’ creative vision and also brings so many new ideas to the process." -Ayodele Casel, Tap Artist/Actress/Writer

"In a time when uncertainty of thought has disabled a generation of educational and artistic practitioners, Torya Beard is a breath of hope that has escaped the linear superficial norms of today. Her approaches to art-making and critical discourse are much more contextual with respect to the latitude of her métier. Ms. Beard is an enviable resource deserving of acknowledgment and held as an elite standard for all who wish to go beyond the melancholy and venture into the extraordinary." - Gregory King, Assistant Professor of Dance at Kent State University, Artistic Director, Kent Dance Ensemble